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Body Works offers the customers hassle free repairs for accident related, cosmetic, and modification jobs for every type of automobile including those for heavy vehicles.

Our services include fabrication works for truck applications of various forms and structural fabrication, provided by state-of-the-art machinery equipped with the most advanced technology for all kinds of commercial bodies and applications, including crane mounting, dumps, manufacturing cargo and tipper bodies, fuel and water tankers, suction tankers, food trucks, steel, insulated and refrigeration boxes and various structural fabrications.

Traffic Accident Repair

In the unfortunate case of an accident. Body works technicians can fix any damages using the latest repair tools. All paint preparation and mixing are computerized while refurbishment is done with an automated system, ensuring factory quality.

Appointments can be easily booked on our website in a few simple steps or through our WhatsApp service on +973 1705000

Cosmetic Repair

At Body Works, weathered vehicles are refurbished to their original shine through cutting-edge techniques. Chips, dents, or scratches are repaired at minimum inconvenience, restoring polish to your vehicle in a brief service period.

Customization services are available for all automobile types.

Body Fabrication

Our fabrication works cover commercial bodies of various makes and models for numerous applications across sectors. This includes crane mounting, dump trucks, cargo and tipper bodies, vans, tankers, boats and more. We also offer structural fabrications and produce purpose-built tools as well as workplace equipment to meet your operational goals.

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